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The estimates provided by the savings calculator are provided to help you determine whether you desire to further investigate an investment in LED. The savings calculator only provides estimates. Such estimates are not a guarantee of savings. A number of other factors may affect your actual savings, and your actual savings may differ.

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Switching your home or workplace to LED Lighting is more important than you might think. Firstly, it will save you money from the very moment that you fit the new lamps. Secondly, it will be a real step toward saving the planet. The UK could save £1.4 billion per annum if we embraced LED as a light source. Enough to switch off all the coal powered stations on the grid.

See the Light and let’s make the switch sooner rather than later. We ask you to learn about how and why and then pledge that you will! Use the quick savings calculator opposite and see for yourself – the result is a ‘no-brainer’ – pledge and then tell you friends!

You will automatically be listed in the See the Light roll of honour as a person who took a memorable step toward a sustainable future.

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